så blev de

såhär blev mitt fina arbete 

I ´m going to be 34 in 20 years.

I´ m going to work with 5 different jobs during the week,

On Mondays I will work on Norrköp I think.

On Tuesdays  I ´m going to work at a hospital and help people so they can not die.

On Wednesday I´ m going to teach kids to dance.

On Thursdays I will work as a guide, I´ m going to show people what you can do here in Sweden and where the best hotels are and things like that.

On Fridays I´ m going to be an artist and sing to many people and to tours all around the world. On Sutardays and Sundays I will be free from all kind of jobs , I´ m going to live in a expensive apartment and have the biggest walk-in-closet in the world !

jag är bara för duktig :) nej nu ska jag skaffa mig lite rast . vi hörs igen senare när jag kommer hem. hejdå!  smsa!!!! 0766503472 ( comviq)      0767697886 telia !

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